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Veera helps women to take ownership of their physical and mental health, all while feeling safe and comfortable getting the care they deserve. Struggling with painful periods? Not sure how to lose weight? Feeling anxious and stressed out? Veera is here for all your needs! Ladies, no more: -Feeling scared that your doctor won’t keep your health information private -Experiencing shame in asking your real, intimate health questions -Getting confused by conflicting health advice from unreliable sources -Resorting to treatment from unlicensed professionals What we offer: 1) Consult a handpicked network of high-quality, judgement-free doctors across gynaecology, mental health, dermatology, nutrition, general medicine, and more through the privacy and convenience of your device 2) Read our simple-to-read, medically-verified articles to learn more about health concerns relevant for Indian women. We fact check our information with real doctors and bust widespread myths about common women's health conditions--maybe it's time to try something beyond your grandmother's homemade cure to get rid of that stubborn acne! 3) Connect with a community built by women, for women to support you through every step of your life. Read about experiences of real women who are just like you and share your own personal health stories. Break the silence and never feel alone as you navigate your health journey. Women's health made easy: -Private, judgement-free advice: Veera doctors are selected and trained to be respectful of every patient's lifestyle choices and keeping their information confidential -Top network of doctors: Curated set of licensed practitioners that are thoroughly vetted for providing best standards of care. You get to choose the doctor you want to speak to based on their ratings and your unique needs. -Same-day appointments: No more waiting in line at the clinic. You can consult a large range of doctors whenever it's convenient for you, even on weekends. -Seamless health experience: Upload and share medical history, past prescriptions, scans, lab tests and other medical reports with doctors. Receive doctors' instructions and prescriptions, if medically necessary. Pay for and book follow-up appointments easily and never carry a paper-based patient file again! -Medically-verified articles: Get reliable and up-to-date knowledge from experts so you you're aware of the right actions to take if you're suffering from a health issue. We put together content that answers questions real women have asked us and clear any common myths. -Stories of real women: Read, write, and comment anonymously on stories contributed by women part of the Veera community. Here are some examples of how we support women's holistic health needs: -Urinary Tract Infections -Depression -Stress & Anxiety -Acne, Rashes & Skin Issues -Sex concerns -Period Issues -Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) -Vaginal Infections -Weight Loss -Fertility Counseling Let's make women's healthcare taboo-free, compassionate, and high-quality--join the movement!
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